Signs of Sight Loss

Fair Lawn Optometrist Discusses Important Signs of Sight Loss

The prospect of losing your vision is understandably scary. Fortunately, most causes of sight loss can be treated well enough to prevent further vision deterioration long before they result in blindness. The key is to catch them early enough. Once vision deterioration has happened, it’s usually impossible to restore sight to its previous level. For this reason, Resident Eye Care Associates offers this information on the warning signs of sight loss:

Blurry Vision

This is the most obvious sign, but many people miss its significance. That’s because of the misperception that all that is needed to correct it is a pair of glasses or contact lenses. This is a problem because one of the biggest causes of blurry vision is indeed a benign refractive error – but not all causes are benign. Many blinding diseases present this symptom.

Blurry vision can result from glaucoma, certain types of macular degeneration, and even cancer of the eye. For this reason, it’s essential that you get regular eye exams to make absolutely sure of what’s happening. If you already wear glasses, be on the lookout for worsening vision.

Halos Around Lights

This is a sign of a dangerous form of glaucoma known as closed-angle glaucoma. It requires immediate treatment, or blindness can result very quickly.

Dark or Blind Spots in Your Visual Field

Both of these are typically caused by macular degeneration, in which the central part of your retina becomes damaged. These effects can sneak up on you thanks to the brain’s ability to ignore blind spots. Eye exams check your field of vision for this reason. Left untreated, it will progress to blindness.

Everything Looks Darker or Off-Color

These are cataract symptoms. Cataracts interfere with light transmission, darkening and distorting your view.

Contact Resident Eye Care for Your Regular Comprehensive Eye Exams

A comprehensive eye exam can detect a sight-stealing condition long before you notice any vision loss, and can pin down the cause of any sight diminishment that you have already noticed. Both can lead to treatment that will save your sight, so don’t delay.  Make an appointment with our doctor of optometry here at Resident Eye Care Associates in Fairlawn today at (201) 797-2747.

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