Eye Exams Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Yearly comprehensive eye exams in Fair Lawn, NJ are the very best way to preserve your eye health and enjoy the clearest vision throughout your life. At Resident Eye Care Associates, we customize our detailed annual eye exams to fit the needs of your family members at various life stages. We do children’s eye exams, specialized diabetic eye exams, and we also see local Senior patients for at-home eye exams and care when necessary. Our dedicated Fair Lawn optometrist and the team have served our local NJ community for more than 40 years.

Your Annual Eye Exam, Why It’s Crucial

Annual eye exams from our Fair Lawn optometrist are extremely important to maintain eye health long term. Annual eye exams in Fair Lawn help us promptly diagnose eye diseases or functional problems, with early treatments generally most successful. Even if you think your eyes are completely healthy and your vision is perfect–get your annual eye exam. There may be issues that you won’t notice until your problem reaches a later, less treatable stage. At annual eye exams, our optometrist can also monitor progressive eye conditions like cataracts, and (for example) determine the optimal time for surgery if needed.

Our Comprehensive Eye Exams in Fair Lawn, NJ

Our practice provides total eye care. If you need emergency care for an eye injury, we are here for you. If you develop diabetes or another chronic health condition, we provide personalized eye care to manage or help prevent diabetic retinopathy. (In fact, optometrists are often the first to discover systemic health issues, like diabetes or high blood pressure.)

In addition, we offer the latest vision correction options, like night-wear Ortho-K contact lenses and other convenient, effective options. To better serve our senior citizen patients, we can arrange at home eye exams and vision care when needed. We offer low vision aids and, of course, eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses and much more.

What to Expect at Your Annual Eye Exam

We test and examine your eyes to detect eye disease and problems that occur at specific times of life, such as:

  • Amblyopia (lazy eye, usually children)
  • Strabismus (misalignment or crossed eyes, typically children)
  • Nearsightedness
  • Astigmatism
  • Farsightedness
  • Peripheral vision loss
  • Glaucoma (typically older adults)
  • Cataracts (typically older adults)
  • Macular degeneration (typically older adults)
  • Low vision
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • And more

Annual eye testing includes depending on your age and eye/health history:

  • Physical examination of eyes/lids
  • Interior eye exam with light (plus dilation and imaging if needed)
  • Corneal reflex testing of your focusing ability
  • Peripheral vision test
  • Color vision test
  • Eye chart exam for refractive errors needing correction
  • And more

Where to Get Your Annual Eye Exam in Fair Lawn

For whole family eye care, count on Resident Eye Care Associates, founded by Dr. Jack Sol Mermelstein, OD, your Fair Lawn optometrist for annual eye exams or emergency eye care. We perform comprehensive eye exams in Fair Lawn NJ for all ages. We offer pediatric eye exams and also do at home eye exams for our Senior patients as needed. To make your annual eye appointment, contact us at (201) 797-2747 today. We hope to see you and your whole family this year!