Digital Progressive Lenses at Your Fair Lawn Optometrist

At Resident Eye Care Associates we begin seeing the need for multiple prescriptions in patients at around 40 years of age. Eyes begin to lose their ability to “multi-task”, creating a need for bifocal and multi-focal eyeglasses. Progressive lenses were a great improvement over the old-style bifocal lenses with the line of demarcation, but they still had disadvantages. Today we’re proud to offer the newest development in progressive eyeglasses, HD progressive lenses. Just like HD raised the bar for home television watching, HD lenses give you an incredibly clearer view that’s completely customized to your eyes.

What are HD Progressive Lenses?

HD lenses are made using digital technology, basing the prescription in each lens on a digital scan of your eyes. Unlike traditional lenses that are ground to set prescriptions, each HD lens is custom made to fit only your eyes.

With standard eyeglasses, you can see distortions around the edges because many templates don’t take the shape of the frames into account. With high definition (HD) technology, the lenses are cut to fit your frames more accurately, giving you much clearer vision. You’ll see vivid colors, enhanced details, and increased overall clarity.

Adjusting to Progressive Lenses

Once they get used to them, almost every progressive lens wearer wouldn’t be without these glasses. It does take a bit of time to train your eyes to them, though. Your eyes and your brain need to learn to work together in a new way. There are no classes for learning how to use progressive lenses; your eyes will simply adjust after a short period of time. While you’re adjusting, you may experience:

  • More head movement because of the different prescriptions in the different parts of the lenses
  • The edges of the lenses being in softer focus
  • Having to learn to look down when focusing on closer objects, and upward for farther distances

Your eyes and brain will learn this naturally within a short period of time. It’s best if you wear your progressive glasses every day to learn to use them more quickly.

Looking for a Fair Lawn Optometrist?

If you need progressive lenses and want to experience the clarity of HD progressive lenses, make an appointment with our Fair Lawn optometrist. We offer the latest in technology with Varilus X Design. Ask how you can get a second pair of lenses for free. Contact us at (201) 797-2747 and we’ll schedule an appointment for you today.