Blurry Vision Treatment with our Fair Lawn Optometrist

If your vision has taken on a blurred or smeared quality, you’re right to be concerned. Blurry vision can be caused by a wide range of issues, from passing irritations and congenital abnormalities to serious eye diseases. That’s why it’s so important to get the assistance you need at Resident Eye Care Associates in Fairlawn, NJ. We can discover the causes of the blurriness and prescribe timely remedies to help you see the world as clearly as possible again.

Conditions Associated With Blurry Vision

Anyone can experience fleeting moments of blurry vision, as you can attest if you’ve ever had a bit of mucus in your eye. Dry eye is a common cause of blurred vision that comes and goes; it’s important to note, however, that this disorder can cause long-term blurring from corneal damage if it isn’t treated. Other temporary physical issues include hormonal shifts due to pregnancy and incorrectly-fitted contact lenses.

Refractive errors are another common cause of blurred vision. Myopia and hyperopia can make distant or near objects (respectively) appear blurry. Presbyopia, in which the lens loses its focusing flexibility, can even leave you lacking at all distance levels. Astigmatism is a corneal refractive error that often accompanies other refractive errors.

Progressive eye diseases are infamous for their ability to obscure vision. Cataracts are one well-known example. In addition to poor night vision, abnormal color perception and “halos” around lights, cataracts can blur vision. Glaucoma can cause blurriness as the optic nerve is slowly destroyed. Diseases of the retina are yet another cause of blurriness — and some of these issues can even lead to outright blindness.

Diagnosis and Treatment at Our Fairlawn Clinic

You need to determine the underlying cause of your blurry vision so you can get appropriate treatment as soon as possible. Our Fairlawn optometry clinic can perform a detailed eye and vision exam that includes vision testing, inspection of the inside of the eye, and evaluations of the cornea and lens. We can then prescribe treatment such as:

  • Eye drops, environmental adjustments, and other remedies to combat dry eye
  • New eyeglasses or contact lenses to compensate for refractive errors
  • Medications and lifestyle changes to control glaucoma or retinal diseases
  • Corrective lenses (or surgical co-management) to treat cataract-related blurriness

Having Vision Problems? Contact Our Optometry Center Today

Don’t let blurry vision or any other vision problem keep getting worse and worse. Take control of your situation today by contacting our optometry center at (201) 797-2747 for a comprehensive eye and vision exam. We can help you get the most out of your eyesight for many years to come!