How to Protect Your Vision with Different Lens Coatings

Glasses are now a fashion statement, and people who wear them are loving this! Earlier, glass lenses were strictly for helping your eyesight. They had no other advantages to them except to help improve eyesight.

Lenses are constantly improving. Today, special lens coatings can improve and protect your vision like never before. Keep reading to find out different ways to protect your vision with different lens coatings.

Anti-reflective coatings
People with glasses understand that a reflection can be both distracting and dangerous. Anti-reflective coating can block this reflection that can occur from a glare on the window. By having these lenses, you will be able to see clearly without any blinding distractions.

Protect lenses from scratches
There is nothing more annoying than scratches on your lenses, especially when your glasses are new! Technology now allows us to purchase scratch-free lenses. This is also great for children as they are very accident prone.

Protection from the sun
UV protection is not just for sunglasses anymore. Extended amounts of time in the sun can lead to eye problems. We do not always have our sunglasses on us when we need them. These lenses offer protection from UV rays any time!

Blue light
You probably find yourself looking at a computer screen, your telephone, or the television more than you wish. This can also be detrimental to your eyes. Looking at screens for an extended period of time can result in eye strain which causes vision fatigue, eye twitching, and red eyes. Lenses can offer relief from digital eye strain and reduce the exposure to blue light.

There are a number of technological advances made for your lenses, all of which make it so much easier to have healthy vision. If you have any questions regarding lens coating, feel free to contact us!

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