Learn More About Our At Home Eye Care Solutions

Coverage For Eye Care Costs

Health insurance plans vary in their coverage of eye examination and treatment options. All billing is handled by our office. Medicare and Medicaid are billed directly and we accept full assignment. Any patients requiring services rendered on a private, non-covered basis will have their guarantors contacted for authorization prior to being obligated for service fees. New Jersey Medicaid and some eyeglasses. Anyone who has had cataract surgery is entitled to one pair of eyeglasses through Medicare.

Bedside Exams

Our eye care program allows for the home bound patient to receive all the standard procedures in their own home. We become their eye-care advocate in helping them achieve whatever visual ability they are capable of.

Frame Selection

We enjoy working with those who need eyeglasses. We provide a selection of over 60 frames and encourage them to participate in the choice regarding style, color, etc.

Speaking Up For Good Vision

When it comes to obtaining eye care for the elderly and the disabled, a proactive approach is best! Unfortunately, many people think that poor vision is an inevitable part of aging, disability and a side effect of diseases and medications.

In addition to convenience, Resident Eye Care Associates offers the added advantage of allowing the doctor to observe patients in their living environment. This helps the doctor prescribe lenses and low vision decides that best meet lifestyle and environmental factors’ an important benefit for those who are legally blind or have severe vision impairments.