Who We Are

Resident Eye Care Associates offers complete eye care services both in and out of our private practice. For nursing homes and homebound patients we provide a thorough and complete evaluation with the latest portable equipment – the same comprehensive examination you would receive in office. In 2007, Resident Eye Care Associates began to provide eye care, health and vision services to the home bound.

Our Comprehensive Examinations include the same quality of care provided in an office setting with special testing procedures customized for the nursing home, assisted living facilities, and homebound patient. When glasses are recommended, patients choose a frame at the time of the exam. The completed order is usually returned in 5-7 days including the frame engraved with the patient’s name. Frames are guaranteed for 1 year and repairs can be made at the facility and, if necessary, at the office.

A consultation letter is sent to the patient’s primary care physician after each examination to maintain superior co-management of care. Follow up patient care is scheduled based on the highest standards for medical protocol. Nursing home and assisted living facility patient’s eye care is co-managed with the resident’s attending physician. Follow-up care is maintained by one of our highly qualified doctors on a schedule based on the highest standards for medical protocol.

10 Ways We Serve

1. Comprehensive eye care services in the home. No outside transportation necessary.

2. Specialized testing procedures customized for the home environment

3. Provides bed-ridden patients the same quality of care given in the office setting.

4. We accept Medicare, Medicaid reimbursement and most commercial vision plans and medical plans. Please call our office for more specific details related to your insurance coverage.

5. Family consultation with the doctor is provided and encouraged.

6. The continuum of care is provided by the doctor on a computerized schedule. Resident Eye Care will mail out a reminder appointment card to your home a month before the follow-up appointment for ease of scheduling.

7. Eyeglasses are currently styled, engraved with the patient’s name, and guaranteed for one year.

8. Full optical repair services available in-house.

9. Patient’s previous doctor is consulted when indicated.

10. Care for the patient is coordinated with the patient’s primary care physician.

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