Blue Light and Eye Health

Blue Light and Eye Health at Resident Eye Care

Lately, blue light has been getting a lot of attention as a hazard to the eyes. What is it, and what symptoms does it cause? Here are a few facts about light in this part of the spectrum:

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is any light that is in the blue wavelength of the spectrum. It is a high-energy form of light, and this makes it harder on the eyes than other visible types.

This form of light is produced by computer monitors, smartphones, and other devices that use screens. It can also be made by high-efficiency lighting such as LEDs and compact fluorescent bulbs.

What Makes Blue Light Bad For Your Eyes?

Blue light is a highly energetic form, so it is hard to look at it for too long. Prolonged exposure, such as that from looking at your computer or phone all day can cause eye strain, dry eyes, red eyes, sticky eyes, and headaches, among similar problems. Exposure to blue light too late in the evening or at night can also cause you to have insomnia.

Blocking Blue Light with Special Lenses

Blue light blockers for glasses filter out some or all of the blue light that would otherwise reach your eyes. Lenses treated with these blockers may be clear, or they may have a tint.

Do Blue Light Blockers Help?

According to a study by the optometry journal from the University of Montreal, using a blue light filter coating lowered symptoms of eye strain from extended computer use by half. These symptoms included dry eye, stickiness, and the feeling of grit in the eye.

To help your eyes even more, take extra steps to minimize eye strain. One of the most popular recommendations is to look 20 feet away from your screen for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.

Learn More about Blue Light Lenses at Resident Eye Care

To get blue light blocking lenses Fair Lawn NJ, just make an appointment with us by calling 201-797-2747. We’ll be glad to help you maintain good eye health in this digital age.

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