Back To School Glasses in Fair Lawn

Back To School Glasses At Resident Eye Care Associates in Fair Lawn, NJ

With the return to school, comes the need to get a vision exam. Many parents bring their children to an optometrist to see if there is a need for corrective lenses. Contact Resident Eye Care Associates in Fairlawn, NJ to schedule an exam and purchase contact lenses or glasses if needed. Here is some information pertaining to back-to-school glasses to keep in mind.

Make an Appointment at Key Times

Since so many people decide to get appointments within the first few weeks of the start of school, it is beneficial to make yours before or after the rush. If you cannot avoid making an appointment during this timeframe, opt for times of the day where the office is not as busy. This will help your child to relax and enjoy their appointment without an influx of other patients on the premises. Consider daytime appointments when other children are at school or wait until a weekday night rather than scheduling a session during the weekend.

Think About The Type of Correction Desired

If you think your child has a vision problem, deciding upon glasses or contact lenses is necessary. Most kids wait until their pre-teen years to use contact lenses as there is a need for discipline in their care. Smaller children usually fare well with glasses. If you are picking out glasses, try to select frames that flatter your child’s facial shape. For example, opt for square or rectangular-shaped frames if your child has a round face to help give them a polished appearance.

Bring Along Important Information

If your child saw another optometrist in the past, bringing information about their last appointment will be helpful in determining their last prescription strength and any problems found. Make sure to bring along your child’s insurance card if applicable. It is best to call our office beforehand if you are not sure if your insurance is accepted.

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If you are ready to make an appointment to get new glasses for your child for the school year, contact Resident Eye Care Associates in Fairlawn today. Call us at (201) 797-2747.

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