Our practice was started in 1977 under Jack Sol Mermelstein, OD. In addition to our private office practice, we visited a hand full of nursing homes through out the state. Under 42 C.F.R. & 483.25 (b), nursing home regulations in the state of New Jersey obligated nursing homes to “ensure that residents receive proper treatment and assisted devices to maintain vision abilities”.

The importance of eye care was highlighted by an article done in USA TODAY. Few eye care physicians provide mobile services and therefore a degree of eye care neglect is an ever present consequent of the nursing home environment. As the need for quality eye care for the geriatric population became more widely recognized, the nursing home count that we contracted with began to grow as well. In addition, the practice began to include home visit care to its resume.

In 2001, Dr. Jack Sol Mermelstein and Dr. Robert Sholomon established Resident Eye Care Associates. Resident Eye Care is now contracted with over 225 long term care facilities throughout the state, and is continuously growing! In addition the need for primary care practitioners to have eye care services available to their home bound patients, resulted in Resident Eye Care providing eye care, health, and vision services to the home bound.

The practice has grown tremendously and now includes a group of nine optometrists. The doctors of Resident Eye Care Associates are dedicated health care providers interested in positively affecting the quality of life of all patients, whether in the office, the home, or the long term care facility. Our goal is to return the patient to their highest level of visual performance and maintain eye health while improving their quality of life.

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